Terms and Conditions

Payment options: Bank Transfer, please ask for details or cheque if sent at least 28 days prior to your trip.

  1. Insurance liability for bags in transit remains with the individual and not the transfer service. It is therefore recommended that all travellers obtain the appropriate travel insurance.
  2. We take every care when transferring bags, however if you choose to leave valuable items in your baggage, eg laptops, tablets, jewellery etc it's at your own risk.
  3. Please ensure bags are ready for collection by 9.00am and although we are unable to give specific times we will endeavour to deliver by 5pm.
  4. We transfer bags weighing up to 20kg maximum. If a bag is found to be overweight a note will be attached informing the customer. Additional weight will then be charged as an extra bag on next pick up, and non payment will result in all future transfers cancelled.
  5. Please clearly label each bag with the name of the person who made the booking. We will add our own label when the bags have been identified at the first pick up point.
  6. AirBnB's are becoming very popular with walkers/cyclists however many of these are self catering and have nobody in attendance during the day. As we are unable to give specific times please ensure the owner has arrangements in place for bag drop off/pick ups.
  7. On occasions walkers/cyclists change their plans mid route. We therefore ask where possible you supply a mobile number so that we can contact you should the need arise.
  8. Cancelled bookings may be refunded up until 14 days before you are due to start your walk/cycle. There will be a £10 admin fee per bag.
  9. Once you have confirmed your itinerary please fill out the itinerary form listed at the top of the homepage and SEND to complete your booking.